"Dr. Murcko is the best in the business! From the moment I walked into the offices I felt like family. Both Dr. Murcko and Dr. Strcula welcomed me with big smiles. I grind my teeth at night (also known as TMD) so Dr. Murcko suggested and fitted me for a night guard. Since then, I have had much better sleep and my headaches are completely gone. Also, I recently started whitening treatment with Dr. Murcko’s suggestion and my teeth are pearly white and have never looked better. If you are looking for a dental practice with kindness and without nonsense, look no further. Your smile will thank you for it"

-Sarah H.

"I found both Jason and Juliette to be extremely friendly and informative. They were able to accommodate my last minute request for an appointment, and made the entire experience much more enjoyable than I anticipated."

-Mark D.

"I had been putting off my last dental appointment, being slightly afraid of the dentist. I was however, put at ease by the gentle, caring nature of Drs. Murcko & Strcula. They are both so patient and kind, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist in the Pittsburgh area."

-Ryan H.

"I had been seeing the same dentist since I was a child. A larger office where a hygienist would clean my teeth and the dentist would pop in for a minute to check their work after. For the longest time, I thought this was just how dentist appointments were supposed to go. I was absolutely shocked after my first visit, Drs. Murcko & Strcula spend the entire appointment with you, and take the time to address all of your concerns. It's such a comfort to have personal care with a Dr. who is familiar with your entire health history."

-Kristy L.

"Drs. Murko and Strcula provide expert dentistry while placing a premium on patient comfort. Far and away the best dentists I've ever had!"

-Benjamin V.